Hiring Steel Builders Inc is different because you can trust us to be reliable, dependable, pay close attention to detail and provide the quality our customers expect while maintaining a safe work environment. Our Clients choose to work with us due to our impeccable reputation and fairness. We are best known for listening to our customers wants and needs then creating a plan and  exceeding expectations while maintaining Budget. 



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Soft Story Retrofitting

Fabrication for Cell Tower Modifications

Steel Mezzanines

Trash Enclosures
and Gates

Roof Ladders or Access Ladders

Steel Canopies and Steel Awnings

Steel Guardrails,
Steel Handrails and
Steel Ramp Rails

We fabricate and install the Structural Steel required per the Approved Plans

Custom Steel Stair Systems

We offer Design/Calculations, 3D Shop Drawings, Fabrication and installation of Custom Steel Stairs for Residential or Commercial Projects.

Fabrication and Installation of Structural Steel

Base on Approved Engineered Structural Plans, we can create 3D shop drawings, fabricate and install the structural steel columns, beam sand steel decking for Residential or Commercial Structural Steel projects with a value from $2,500.00 to $1,000,000.00. 

Based on Approved Engineered Structural Plans we can fabricate Tower Extensions, Mezzanines, Platforms and Custom Steel Brackets. Cell Towers are always being upgraded or modified and we offer Fabrication for these projects since we are a City of Los Angeles Approved Fabrication Facility.

Roof Ladders allow you to access the Roof from the ground or any Floor and Access ladders allow you to access from Roof to Roof. We can fabricate and install any custom steel ladder to meet your requirements. 

Steel Canopies are freestanding steel structures usually separate from the Building to create shade for a specific area and Steel Awnings are typically above a Window or Patio to create shade for that area. Based on Approved Engineered Plans we can create 3D shop drawings, fabricate and install almost any Steel Canopy or Steel Awning to meet your needs.

Ramp rails provide ADA Compliance for concrete ramps for handicap use or to get from one level to another without the use of steps. Based on Approved Plans we can create 3D shop drawings, fabricate and install most steel guardrails, handrails and ramp rails. 

Based on Approved Engineered Structural Plans we can create 3D Shop Drawings, fabricate and install Steel Mezzanines within cities of Los Angeles County, Orange County and San Bernadino County. Mezzanines are a great way to add more usable Floor space within your existing Building footprint as long as you have the required height. 

All Commercial Properties are required to have Trash Enclosures to discard trash. Based on Approved Engineered Plans, we can create 3D Shop Drawings, Fabricate and install the steel columns and beams, Roof Decking, Gates and Bollards required. Most Counites in Southern California are requiring Trash Enclosures to be made out of Concrete and Metal.